Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tempeh Reuben Sandwich

Traveling around the country, one of the staples of a vegan menu will reveal a Reuben sandwich converted. Chicago, Omaha, Manhattan, Sarasota, all boast a delicious vegan option. Which city has the best you ask? Sarasota, is the answer. Yes, a local restaurant provides a great sandwich. The best, I must admit, comes from my kitchen.

From me to you, I provide the best Tempeh Reuben Sandwich in which you can make yourself, any time you want it. You're welcome.

As most great meals start, this one requires you to sauté garlic and onions in a bit of oil. I prefer to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Once the onions are good and clarified, add sliced tempeh with the onions and garlic. Cook each side 4-5 minutes making sure there's enough oil in the pan that nothing burns.  Towards the end, I added a touch of tamari to the pan to add a bit of flavor, but use sparingly. 

Sauerkraut was found at our local Whole Foods. We made our own Russian dressing using Veganaise, pickles, ketchup, and a bit of fresh lemon juice. We tend to eat most dinners like this with sweet potato fries.