Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vegan Tofu Scramble

We had left over frozen tofu after pressing it some time last week, so when I went to use it this morning for breakfast it wasn't ready to cook. I did have a block of 'Twin Oaks Italian Tofu (with Quinoa and Amaranth)', which I pressed half of.

We found a great resource for vegan bread from the farmers market. Gail Jeffrey owns and operates, "Southern Basket", which we purchase two loaves at a time of the 'Light 9 Grain Whole Wheat'. When we get it, I slice it and put almost all of it in the freezer. Best bread I think I've ever had.

4oz tofu
1tsp Nutritional yeast
onion granules
garlic (minced)
ground cumin seed
scallions (chopped)
daiya cheese
extra virgin olive oil

Sautee the tofu in a skillet with olive oil and the minced garlic. I had to add water, so I recommend not to press the tofu for this! Add the nutritional yeast, a bit of cumin, and about half a teaspoon of onion granules. Cook for five to eight minutes, stirring occasionally.  Add the scallions and continue to cook and stir.

When plating, top with a little daiya, we used mozzarella because of the Italian herb tofu, which was a great choice. I've never been a fan of scrambled eggs, but this is something I could eat and honestly enjoy on a regular basis. I might add this to my coffee breakfasts more often.