Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today's meals

Today, we didn't do quite as well as we have been. but baby steps, right? I had Coconut milk and gluten free cereal with hot tea for breakfast (pretty big for me to not have any milk!).
Leftover roasted veggies, a banana, and coffee with coconut milk for lunch.. Along with a ham and cheese sandwich (food from Whole Foods I can't waste). And then I got hungry and had one egg on whole wheat toast (around 5pm). Then I had a Brie, almond and caramalized onion sandwhich for dinner.
That is a lot of food for one person! Granted I ate the cereal at 845 am and the dinner at 745 so over an 11 hour period it's not that bad.. Also, I think the vegetables are not filling me up. I need to come up with something that fills my stomach so I don't get hungry after every 2.5 hours.
Oh and I had a girl scout cookie around 3pm.

Daniel eats a liquid breakfast of coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Lunch he ordered a veggie pita and dinner he had a burger with feta and jalapeƱos. Once again, baby steps, right?